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    Retail Pricing, Sales Guidelines, and MSRP / Map Pricing Policy

    BRG supports the advertising & promotion of its full line of BMX products within the USA domestic, distributor and dealer segment to create awareness of our products, the availability, Key features, benefits, along with sales, for the mutual benefit of all parties; distributor, dealer, and consumer. To achieve this mutual success, it is important to safeguard our intellectual property, preserve the quality & value associated with the BRG brands, and encourage continued investment by sales & service-providing dealers, due to the high technical nature of BRG’s products.

    In this effort, BRG is implementing, effective October 15, 2012 (the “Effective Date”) a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy on all BRG products. By purchasing a BRG items from any of our authorized distributors, you agree to the following:

    Pricing Outlines

    Frames – MSRP ONLY Parts – 5% MAP Pricing
    Bike Shop official site or advertised line for Online Sales – A Maximum of 5% off the MSRP is allowed on all items other than Frames. Frames are to be shown at BRG MSRP pricing only. We may offer sale prices from time to time on a Dealer-to-Dealer basis, and this is the only time MAP pricing other than 5% on parts or MSRP on Frames will be allowed.

    E-Bay :
    none of the BRG items are allowed to be placed on sale on E-Bay for any price other than MSRP. Any Dealer found to be selling BRG items under MSRP on E-Bay would be blocked from purchases from our Distributors.


    The Policy applies to U.S. and Canadian dealers or resellers (“Sellers”).

    Sellers are prohibited from advertising (i) a price below the MAP price in effect at the time of the advertisement, or (ii) using language in an advertisement that suggests a sales price below the MAP price in effect at the time of the advertisement. The MAP price for may be amended from time to time by BRG upon reasonable notice. Examples of language that suggest a price below the effective MAP price include, but are not limited to, the following, which shall be considered violations of the Policy:

    • Advertised, listed, or stated price less than the MAP price 
~ Call for price or Low Price
    • Guaranteed low price or Beat any price
    • Price as % off or less or Beat any deal
    • Pricing with strikethrough
    • Use of and listing on auction sites with “starting price” or “Buy it now” below the effective MAP price.
    • Advertising a bundled product that includes a Product, with a combined advertised price below MAP policy price for the individual Product.

    If any Seller is found to be in violation of the Policy, BRG may, at its sole discretion, suspend or terminate their ability to purchase Products from our distribution channel. Reinstatement will be at the sole discretion of BRG.
    Any USA shop agrees they are the final point of retail and will not export our items for resale.
    BRG supports this policy, its enforcement, and the value it provides to their complete customer base.