Joris wins his 6th #1 Pro Title – Barry wins his 2nd #1 Vet Championship & Pro of the year

24 November 2023

Tulsa, OK – 2023 USA BMX Grand Nationals. 
The 2023 USA BMX Grand Nationals will go down as one of the best events of the year and for the Chse Pro team, ti was one of the most successful, as both Joris and Barry took him the #1 Pro Plates and Barry also took the USA BMX Pro of the year, a title voted on by the BMX fans. 

There has never been a Pro rider in the Mens class to win 6 titles, as Joris had the record last year when he won for the 5th time. It’s just amazing on what Joris has been able to do as a part of the Chase Team and we are so proud of him for this achievement.

Barry Nobles has had an incredible year as well with winning the UCI BMX World Championship and now the 2023 Vet Pro title and the Pro of the year award. Barry has always been a racer for the people and giving back to the sport. Again, we are so proud of his success and that he is a part of the Chase family.