Izaac Kennedy & Cedric Butti both on the podium at the UCI BMX World Cup Finals

27 April 2024

Tulsa, OK – UCI BMX  World Cup Finals

10 KENNEDY, Izaac (AUS)

Cedric Butti and Izaac Kennedy traveled to Tulsa, OK for the final 2 rounds of the UCI BMX World Cup series. Held at the USA BMX Headquarters, this incredible venue would determine who would be crowned for the overall World Cup Champion for 2024. Cedric currently held the points lead, with Joris Daudet in 2nd, but due to him just ending recovery from injury, he did not attend. Isaac was just behind and with Joris and another rider not in attendance, it would be a battle of the two, Cedric & Izaac, for the year end title.

BUTTI, Cedric (SUI) Chase

On Day 1, both Izaac would be standouts on track and make their way into the main event. When the gate dropped, it would be Niek Kimmann who would take the lead just after the first jump and hold off both Isaac and Cedric. With a strong performance. Isaac and Cedric would finish up 2nd and 3rd for the day and on the podium.

overall point after round 5 of 6-

1st- Cedric Butti – 1615 2nd Izaac Kennedy 1357 3rd – Joris Daudet 1104

Day 2 will determine the overall champion, so check back tomorrow for the update on the last race of the 2024 UCI World Cup tour.

BUTTI, Cedric (SUI)